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You may view articles from this site, online, simply by using your browser and the links that we've provided. However, our news articles are also available as an RSS feed. With RSS you can take our news and incorporate it into your preferred newsreaders and web logs. We hope you enjoy this service.

RSS Info
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is designed for sharing and updating current web content (NCS Announcements and News), with other sites, or to automatically display updated content on an online device!

Using RSS
Visitors who want to show these events on their site or computer, via RSS feeds, will need their own RSS news reader. (There are many different news readers available online - some for free.) All news readers will require an RSS feed link, where it can regularly collect updated events. After implementing it, the current news from this site, will be displayed automatically by your reader on your site. You can also have RSS feeds automatically sent to Twitter and Facebook using free online publishing services such as TwitterFeed.

RSS Implementation Instructions
To get the link required by an RSS news reader, follow these instructions.

  • Click the most appropriate link title. (Look in the list below.)
  • The code shown on the resulting page is for info only. (You don't need to do anything with this code.)
  • Copy the entire URL from your browser address field. This is the link your news reader needs!
  • This link can be pasted into the RSS news reader of the PC or other site.
  • Continue with any other instructions related to your particular news reader.
  • Note for Google Chrome Users: Google Chrome does not provide a built in RSS Reader at this time, to get the URL for any RSS category below, right click on the category and "Copy Link Address".

  • Each listed news article will show a title (with link to full article), date of publication, and summary.

    Categorized RSS Channels

    General Announcements / News 2
    Emergency Alerts 0
    Sports - Soccer 0
    Sports - Basketball 0
    Sports - Track & Field 0
    Sports - Softball 0
    Sports - Junior Olympics 0
    Fine Arts 0
    Dora Pedersen 5k & Family Fun Day 0
    Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) 0
    Clubs 0
    Community Outreach 1
    NCS Alumni Portal 0
    Parent Portal 1
    Annual Fundraising Banquet 0
    Annual Auction 0
    Annual Fall Craft Fair 0
    Service Opportunities 1
    Library Resources 0
    Special Events 0
    Chapel 0
    Academic Competitions 0
    Faculty Portal 1
    Community Events 1

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